Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yours Truly

We were thinking perhaps we should introduce ourselves in the first post.
But rather than adhere to whimsical and ultimately utterly useless word-limit bios,
we thought we'd cheat and use photos instead.

So that's Rhona in the chair, and Lisa over it.

And here's a picture of our dogs, SCSI and Toirneach.
Can you guess which dog belongs to who?

60-word post


  1. Love the pix and furbabies! So glad you have a blog to follow and back up on Etsy. I missed you!

    Good Luck, Rebecca

  2. I'm pretty sure that the doberman belongs to lisa :) Great to see u!

  3. I think the Doberman belongs to Rhona. Am I wrong? Both you girls are beautiful specimens of living art.
    "As time continues to flow and life is the river, man's words are the debris that help or inspire others as they also float down the canal of eternity."